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Possible Dmx servo control? (Medusa Dmx)

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Hi I'm wondering if this DMX servo control will work? I'm guessing it will just like any other dmx thing you just have to enter the channels correct and to control the servos fade up and down??? I'm I right heres the board I would rather go with this than the servodog because you also get 8 relay outputs and 8 dim-able led outputs along with the 8 servo outputs for $5.00 less then the servodog and the servodog only has 8 servo outputs not the extra awesome outputs. I think I'm going to try it everyone in the Halloween form says they love it. here is the link to the Medusa Dmx http://www.ohmmygadgets.com/medusadmx.html it looks really COOL to me! What do you guys think?



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