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Complete Class List is Here!

Ryan Johnson

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It's here- the complete class listing for this year's Academy!  Regardless of your experience, forum affiliation, or interests we're sure that you will find plenty of things on this list of over FIFTY sessions that appeals to you.  Thanks to all of the instructors and especially RJ (DIY Expo)and Alex Lohman (Scare Sessions) for helping me in crafting what will prove to be another fantastic event.  Those guys have put in a lot of time discussing, developing and recruiting to make things great for all of our attendees.


Without further delay, here is your 2013 class list:


3D Makeup

Advanced Soldering

Airbrush Make Up

Beginner Make Up

Beginners Guide to DIY Light Animation

Buy It, Make It, Break It, Fix It 101

Claus Transformation

Configuring & Using SanDevices Pixel Controllers

Costuming tips and tricks

DLA: Moving Forward

Easy & Impactful Halloween Version

Easy and Impactful (Christmas)

Finishes: Rust, Foam & Hard Coat

Halloween Mechanical Props

Halloween- Starting from Scratch

How to layout a Halloween room, scene or area

How to Make A Corpse

Integrating Non-Lighting Elements

Introducing the Zeus Controller

Knowing your audience

Light Show Pro 1

Light Show Pro 2

LOR BS (Beyond the Sequence)

LOR Hardware

LOR Visualizer

Nutcracker Advanced

Nutcracker Basics

Photograph & Video Your Display

Photography 101

Plaster Plate Molding

Pneumatics in Your Haunt

Servos in Your Haunt

Sharing With The World

Silicon Glove/Block Mold Making

Sounds of Music with Audacity

Starting from Scratch: Display Design

Starting from Scratch: From Static to Animated

Starting from Scratch: Electricity 101

Starting from Scratch: DIY or Commercial?

Starting form Scratch: Audio Solutions

The ABC’s of Using the Etherdongle and Conductor

The Many Twists of the Helix Controller

Using Displays for Charity

Using Madrix 

Using Social Media for Your Display

Video Editing

Wireless DMX



In addition we have several longer sessions planned for Saturday afternoon.  These will give you an opportunity to see & try some things outside of a traditional "class" setting:

Soldering Workshop

Lighting Your Haunt Panel 

Bubbles, Snow, and Fog

Haunt Fair


How's that for a comprehensive list of courses?  To help you plan your days the schedule will be released June 15th.  We cannot wait to see you all at the Academy this year.  If you're not registered... what are you waiting for?  Register today: www.theultimateacademy.com

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