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12 x CCR150 in Visualizer tree


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I am working to create a CCR tree w/star in the visualizer. It is the same style as shown in the Superstar Sequencer, but so far it is eluding me on how to properly create it.


I have tried the tree wizard and that did not seem to work, hand drawing the CCR strings almost works, I was hoping it work look better. The wizard did not have the CCR options to run the full length, only edge to center, etc.


I have reviewed the video tutorials without success as yet, and had not been able to find anything in the doc's.  I noted comments about using more than one network to handle the 12 CCR activity - so I will split it into two networks.


Any clues on how to do this ?

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I sent you a message if you need me to send you my props.


Back in April, Ron Boyd posted this for me and it was all I needed.




A 12 CCR tree is pretty simple to accomplish though. Here's how to do it. 

  • Open Visualizer
  • Select the tree wizard (Red cone next to the Rainbow) on the file icon row
  • Left click your vis screen where the bottom of your prop will go, name the prop, say.... "12 x 50 CCR Tree"
  • Select the widths and height (adjust these parameters as needed later)
  • Select 180 degree (assumed on my part)
  • Select your bundle location (Typically, Left)
  • Under "Type of Channel Bundles / Fixtures" select "CCR Edge To Center" (Assuming your controllers are at the bottom)
  • "Pixels per Bundle" Select 50
  • "Number of bundles" select "12"
  • ***Density should be grayed out***
  • Click OK and you should have a nice and neat CCR Tree Prop
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Thanks - I will double check the steps I took creating the tree - It appears I was pretty close, but will try those steps.

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That did it - then using the Run Channel Wizard, taking defaults (starting pixel 1, Resolution 50 pixels ) and the Base Unit ID of my CCR-1 (05) - it walked through the correct Unit ID for each.


Thanks again.

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