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do bigger props need different "on" times as smaller props/fixtures?


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working on one of my sequences i noticed something weird to me in visualizer.. probably just because im a newb.


with smaller props/fixtures my hits are coming on exactly as i want them.. this includes roof outline, nets on bushes, mini-trees, sidewalk borders and some various "small" stuff.


when i add my "larger" items which i am considering a vertical mega tree, spiral mega tree and marty fan i am starting their "on" times at the same as my "smaller" items.. what i am seeing is that the two trees and marty fan seem to be behind a little bit.


is this something that is normal? should i expect to see the same thing during the holidays when i set this up? should i change my timings? i tried changing back .05 in a fixed timing grid and it appeared to be too much the opposite way.  should i drop to a .03 timing grid and try to get it just a tad sooner? is this maybe a pc problem or software issue?



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I saw the same thing when I started using the Visualizer. A lot of it has to do with the size of your file you're using and the strength of your PC. I was squirming my first year because of this phenomenon. I set everything up a month prior to official lights on and everything was as sequenced. The display sat dormant  for 2 weeks but it eased my mind about the lag in the visualizer.


If you have any of your props built and ready, set one of them up or just the lights that are associated with that prop and do a quick test run. I'll bet the timings are spot on with the real lights as opposed to the virtual lights.


Don't sweat it too much. If your timings are the same with large and small props, They will be in time with the real lights.

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