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Non CCR Pixel Arches - Time to Beg ...


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I thought I found a prop or a fixutre in the pinned thread but when there wasnt any files attached with the arch.


I know HOW to do it, just hoping that I might be able to beg, borrow or steal a fixure/prop for a pair of pixel strip arches built with one strip.

Actually, I bought 2 strips to make 4 arches.


Before I start drawing pixel bulbs, I was hoping someone could help ..


About the coolest prop/fixture I have is the dot matrix style pixel based Merry Christmas sign (that was 219 pixels of fun) .. and the 8 pixel based HolidayCoro Candy Canes. (thanks to DevMike and Brian (superstar) for helping me get those together). I would certainly be willing to share...


Thanks for looking ..




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I would certainly appreciate any thing you can offer.

I purchased 2 of the WS2811 Pixel Strips from Ray Wu and plan to insert them into 3/4" PEX tubing.

My testing with Node Strip came out great and I think it should be an easy transition.

I will use a single strip in two arches by using pvc 45 then the PEX then a 45 connected to a "Tee" then repeat for the second arch.


Once again.. I appreciate any help you can give.



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Ok here's what I do. My Pixel tree will be 2811 also, 16 legs of 50 pixels. Instead of using 800 fixtures and being over half way of the 1400 or so fixture limit in the visualizer, I use a CCR tree. I have both a CCR and DMX channel config in a master working channel config. Once I'm satisfied with the sequence and have watched it in the visualizer, I move the CCR effects by copy/paste to the DMX channels and then delete the CCRs. It's a little bit of extra work, but I only use 16 fixtures instead of 800.


The arches attached are 2 CCRs made into 4 arches, 25 pixels per arch. You'll have to run a channel wizard. I have found that if I set it up as an aux network that I'm not using and set the controller #'s way down the list, it's easier to keep up with.


Hope this helps you out.


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Cant thank you enough Sir. I unzipped the DMX arches, Saved one the props and now its just click and done.

All i do then is run the channel wizard and POOF .. leaping arches.

(repeat as needed...)


Once again, thank you for the arch.



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