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ccr tree spin

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If you are referring to a 360 degree tree made with CCPs or CCBs, there is a sample sequence in the S3 download that you can play and look at. Do the following:


1) Launch SuperStar

2) Click on the File menu and select Open

3) navigate to the Samples folder

4) Open the file Vis_24x25Tree_4RowGlobe_Spirals.sup

5) Click on the play button


You should see several spinning effects. The most common one is done by moving a line that is slanted 45 degrees. It ends up looking like a spiral, but it is really a straight line.

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Be sure you are running the latest version which is If you are already running and still don't see that file, then run the file:

  c:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama\LORPost.exe


When you run the above file it will ask where you want your lightorama folder to be, and after answering, it will create the most recent sample files.

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CCRs have the LEDs all facing the same direction so if you made a 360 degree tree out of them the ones on the other side would shine away from you. And in a 12 CCR ray tree, they all face the same way and I don't see any way to get spiral effects on them.

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