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Is there a way to create a triangle shape with the program


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I am new to CCR and the Super Star program, but I am jumping in head first. I plan on having 4 CCR maybe 6 CCR in total this year. I think my only options currently are outlining my roof line, but my roof line has 2 peaks. I would like to envision what the roof line would look like, the problem is the options so far, is a line, circle, arch. Is there a way to create or shape that line in the program? Morph it to a unique shape?


Also, Brian are you planning on any workshops in the Allen area? :-) I live in Mckinney...

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Click on the Tools menu and select Layout. In the Layout dialog box there are two modes, CCR mode and Visualization mode. In CCR mode you are limited to a fixed number of layouts, straight, circle, and star.


To do other shapes you can make a visualization of your CCRs in the Visualizer and then click on the File menu in SuperStar and select "Import Visualization." Using a visualization you can layout the CCRs and your other lights in any pattern you want.


So you live in McKinney, huh, we're almost neighbors! I did a class in this area a couple of years that Don Teague organized amongst some local Lonestar Holidays members. I haven't done one since. Got my head buried in the software right now. Want to get the new shockwave and spiral effects ready for release.

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Thanks, worked great!


I am a big fan! Pretty cool that you live soo close, I will have to check out your setup during the season!


Thanks again!

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