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Lost my sequences

Guest Don Gillespie

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Guest Don Gillespie

I am trying to create a new musical sequence, but I am having some
trouble, I must have screwed something up, I have added the music file
to the Lor audio, I can click on new musical tab, what comes up is light
o rama demos, I have to click on the Lor tab to pull up my music file,
that is working ok, before I used to open a new musical I would be
directed to the music file, any way after I insert the music file I go
to use a saved channel config now it takes me to Lor visualizer tutorial
it won't find my sequences what did I do to screw this up, and how can I
fix this. I am using 3.8.2 for some reason it keeps telling me it
can't find the files,

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Do a search of the whole computer in windows explorer and find the music files. Then you can either copy and paste them into the directory where LOR is looking for them or tell LOR where they are.

I had to do that once when I upgraded my LOR software.

Or the sequence files or whatever is misplaced.

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Has this worked for you before? Maybe just resave the channel configuration.


While in one of your sequences,  Edit>Export/Import channel configuration>Export channel configuration  and try again.


If you didn't save a configuration or LOR lost it somehow, this should work.

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Maybe this will explain it better


This too:



You might want to watch many of the video tutorials and read some of the manual since there may be some other basic software features that you may be missing and would benefit from learning.

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Guest Don Gillespie


       How did you solve your problem?

Had a major brain fart, SFD smelled it from a mile away and explained how I could avoid them in the future, thanks SFD I forgot to export my master channel grid to a LCC file I was trying to clean up a bunch of old sequences and deleted my master grid LCC file so it was as simple as recreating a new file.

I think Don was trying to raise his post count again!  :P


I hope he didn't have a stroke or something.

no stroke just a brain fart

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