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Help- half of the CCR is fully lit and not recieving any signals


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Hi Everyone,

I had a CCR coiled up and stored away for a week or so while i
cleaned/organized my workstation. It had been working perfectly before i
put it away.


Yesterday, when i uncoiled it and plugged in the unit half of the
unit lit up <see included picture> and won't accept any signals
from the Hardware Utility. I reset everything and set it back to:

Unit ID Mode: Normal

Channel Mode: Triples

Standalone Speed: 8

Resolution: 50 pixels

Strips: 1

DMX Mode: Both Macro and RGB channels


Have any of you experienced this problem?



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I would say if you reset it and  the ribbon does not run the correct test pattern when holding in the reset button.........it's broken.  Open a ticket with LOR.




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