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Whats the best way to add Universes of DMX to LOR S3?


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I have a new E682 and DIY SMART LED pixel strips.   I made my first Coroplast SMART Pixel Candy Cane and it looks/works great!  I added in my first universe of channels to the LOR S3 Sequence Editor, one at a time, and it took forever.  My hand will fall off before I get them all loaded this way.   Looking for a faster method.   I first added "50 CHANNELS - BELOW" (One for each pixel on a 5M strip).  Then I had to change each channel (first selecting a controller, then changing universe, then the red channel number for each channel and saved).   It took several mouse clicks for each pixel.  


There has to be a faster way, but it hasn't dawned onto me yet.   Any ideas from the sage Light Gurus out there?


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The easiest was is to use one of the utilities wrote by Bob. You can find his utilities at


The one you will want to check out is the one called vegomatic. There is a video that shows how to use it, Bob laos has some videos I believe.

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You say Universe. Does this mean you are running DMX? If so, you could Right Click -> Add Device -> Select DMX Device.

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If you are adding using LOR.  Scroll down to where you want the channels and <Right> <Click>

Select add device (choose above or below) and enter the name , Select DMX (default) and select the Universe number and number of channels.  Make sure you select at least the number of channels you are going to use. It is better to select to many than two few and easy to delete the extras if you need to.  (I always select 512 and save the extra blank for later since they will already be numbered properly).

<Right> <Click> on the first channel and select "Convert to RGB channel"

Change to the name of the string  ( 10 X 50 Matrix sign)

make sure you select the "Also do this for the following channels" box and enter the number of pixels you are going to use including the one you are working on.  (If you are working on a 50 pixel matrix of 10 X 50 enter "50" and the name given by lor will name the pixels with sequencial numbers after the name you selected.)

I then group the pixels I converted to keep them in a single grouping for use.

<Right> <Click> on the first pixel and select "Convert to Group)

Enter the name for the group  "10 X 50 Matrix sign"

Default for 1st in group will be the pixel you selected

Select the last pixel in the group from the second box and select "Create Group"

If you select the box "Leave copies int their existing locations" a copy of the channels will be put in a group and the original channels will stay where they were.

If you want to get  rid of the extra channels created convet them to a group (name does not matter)

<Right> <Click> and select "Remove Channel Group from Track List"  The newly created group and its channel will be gone.

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How many universes?  1 or 2 do it exactly as Don and Jerry stated.  If your add 3 or more, then follow dougs link to Bobo's tool.  Download the Vegematic tool and add them from there.  You can add 48 at a time in less than a minute with Bob'Os tools

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