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Fixtures vs Props


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What is the difference between fixtures and props.


I drew a string of lights on the roof line.  I associated four colors to the string and assigned a controller and circuit to each string.  When I saved, it created a prop called roof line.  So I assume creating a string of lights creates a prop?


When I tried to create a 16 leg mega tree using the wizard it creates a fixture and I am unable to assign the controllers and circuts like I did in the prop.  


My questions are:

- What is the difference between a prop and fixture.

- How can I assign controller and circuit numbers to a fixture.

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FixturesAll lights automatically become part of a "fixture". The fixture is actually the primary element on yourstage. Whenever you create or select lights, or make changes, you are actually manipulating one ormore fixtures.Every fixture has its own set of properties depending on what kind of fixture it is and what kind ofchannels the fixture uses.\A "prop" in the Visualizer is a collection of fixtures. Since fixtures are collections of channels, think of aprop as being an easy way to associate different collections of channels. For example, you may createa large Christmas tree on your stage that consists of eight regions, each of which is four colors. Eachregion could be made as a fixture, and the collection of all eight regions (fixtures) could be made a propcalled "The Tree".You do not directly draw props. Instead, you create the individual fixtures and then associate themtogether as a prop.

When making a prop, easiest way to put them to channels is the channel wizard, which if you are using the tree wizard, pretty straight forward. Additional info starting on page 472 of the manual...

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The vikester,


Thanks so much.  Can you please give me a link to the manual and I will check out page 472.  I have been searching for this.  Thanks.

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Another dumb question.  How did you assign the LightORama logo with channel and light counts to your posts.  Cool idea which I would like to add.

Also thanks again for pointing me to the Visualizer manual.  I have been reading it thoroughly and many of my questions have now been answered.

If you are new to visualizer like me YOU MUST READ THIS when starting out.

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I have created a mega tree using the tree wizard.  The tree has 16 legs (props).  By default the wizard assigns the channels and circuits from the default location.  Since some of my props go to different controllers how do I manually change the controller and circuit.


I have played around with the channel assignment wizard with no success.

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