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Setting Up CCP's


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I have 4 CCP controllers.  Each controller has two 50 count lights.



In the Hardware Utility, when I configure the controller on the "CCR-CCB Config" button what selection should I use in the "Unit ID Mode" field?  The manual says use Normal (single ID).  I also see an option which is not in the manual for Dual Normal (CCB two Unit ID's)


In LOR Sequence editor when adding a device what selection should I use in the" Type" field?  The options are CCR/CCB with 1 string OR CCB with 2 strings.


After experimenting it seems when configuring the controller I use Normal in the "Unit ID Mode" field then I have the option of selecting either setting option in the Type field in Sequence editor.  IS THIS THE PREFERRED METHOD?



In sequence editor for one CCP controller how should the two sets of 50ct pixels be numbered?

I have one set of pixels numbered CCD A01 s1 and the second CCD A01 s2.  Shouldn't the second set of 50 pixels take on the controller name +1 (CCD A02 s1)?


When adding a device, if I select the Type field with a value of "CCB with 2 strings" should I then select in the Unit ID for CCB String 2 field the value "String 2 has own unit ID (native mode unit ID+1).  When I use this I do not get the second set of pixels designated as controller name +1.


I hope I have not confused everyone.


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Maybe I can help. If you plan to use a string of 50 and if it was two string of 25, then you use Dual Mode. It will treat the string of 50 as two separate strings. It would be figured as (Controller #1, (ie bottom of string)channel #1 and second half of the string would be channel #2). LOR sequence editor would be configured # of strings 1. Then edge to center and center to edge. 

If not splitting the strings, I still think you configure the sequence editor as 1 string in normal mode. I'm also new at this. I think Brian has your answer under this forum in the Superstar sections. 

Others here with more knowledge on this subject maybe able to help you better than I.

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To clarify the above post. If in duel mode,  Controller #1 , string one would be channel 1 (bottom part) of the first string, channel 2 would be the other half of string 1. String 2 on controller #1 would be channel 3 (bottom half) and channel 4 on the other half. Then controller #2 channels would be channel 5 (bottom half) and channel 6 the other half and so on.

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