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LOR to ENTTAC in the DMX world?

Mr Sir

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Apparently, as the title indicates,  there is some confusion on my part as to the interfacing of LOR to DMX using an ENTTEC dongle. I have been studing this (DMX) technology for some time and this is not a difficult concept to grasp. I have read forums and watched video's on this (most not very well coriographed) subject of the "ENTTEC Open DMX USB" $60 vs the " ENTTEC Pro DMX USB $120". Both claim to work with LOR. To keep this simple, I am using (1) USB/485 adaptor to my LOR controllers on one side and I would like to add some DMX devices using a dongle to the PC on the other side.

Whats the difference?

What will actually work?


Input would greatly appreciated!




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IIUC, the Enttec Pro generates the DMX signal timing and packet format, so the computer (running LOR) doesn't need to do as much work, meaning the load on your computer's CPU may be higher with the Enttec Open. This could make a difference if your computer has a slower CPU and you have so many channels that it gets overloaded.


In the unlikely event that the LOR Comm Listener, or the Enttec driver crashes, the Enttec Pro will continue to generate a DMX signal (albeit with no intensity changes).


I could be wrong about this.

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