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Newbie buying LED's...in need of some guidance and direction.

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Getting antsy to place an order for 60-75 strings of assorted C6 LED's and don't want to miss any opportunities.  Wish list includes Red,Green, Blue, & Pure (cool) White in 35, 50, and 70ct strings ( I don't want to cut strings to length).  White wire would be preferred, but will settle for green if necessary.  I'm kicking myself for not learning about Holiday Light Express and their pre-sale sooner. With the exception of wire color, they seem to have everything I'm looking for.  It looks like their current Tax Refund Sale offers the next best value.  Seasonal Entertainment LLC has Presale #2 coming some time this summer with C6's on the list, but they only offer 50 & 100ct and prices are an unknown. Creative Displays Inc sells case lots only and in 50 & 100ct only as well.  HLE, SEI, and CDI seem to be the "big three" most talked about on the forums.  All seem to offer reputable products (full wave rectified, dimmable), comparable pricing, and solid guarantees.  Are there others worth considering for my needs?

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