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2013 RGB vision


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Firstly I hope i posted in the correct forum, if not please re-post.


Hi to you all from the UK

I am planning my first display for 2013 having built two controllers and buying another I have  48 LOR channels available, 45 have already been allocated. I am in the process of fabricating a Bethlehem star and planning to built 2 leaping arches, both of which I would like to venture into RGB Addressable nodes, (the star is  of metal construction and therefore strips will need to be used) I wondered if a member or two could feed back my best way forward on this project, I have yet to purchase any kit to support my RGB project but have been looking at the following?







I understand I will also need a dongle and possible upgrade to my software, any advice would be most welcome especially on wiring the nodes.







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I've used the 27 Channel DMX controller last year.  Built two rgb arches and used two 27 channel controllers to manage those.  The Pixels look like they might be the "smart" pixels, as opposed to "dumb" rgb strings.  A good web site to check out would be www.holidaycoro.com.  there are a number of videos and tutorials there that will guide your along the way. 


FYI, last years christmas display.  32 LOR Channels, 54 RGB DMX channels all controlled by LOR.





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Those pixels will not work with that board.   So skip the 27 channel board as that is for dumb strips.  I wont go into smart vs dumb, search it in the LOR forums or on the Aussie pages.


You need a 1.31 to pixel controller.  Your choices are Sandevices or J1SYS.   They both essentially do the same thing, they are both real easy to use.  Its up to you which one you buy.  My avatar might help you see which one I did.

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Along these lines,  if I use a sandevice to build my 16 string pixel tree with each string having 50 pixels, I get an overall channel count of 2400.  I f I set up nutcracker for my 2400 channels and export my effect to the lor clipboard, will my channels line up to make sure each strings responds correctly?  I added 5 dmx universes to my existing lor sequence and set each universe for 512.  I then removed 512 and 511 and created 170 rgb channels.  I followed this procedure for each of the 5 universes.  I need to know if I am on the right track or not.  My pixels haven't arrived yet and I have my sandevice on order.

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The pixels you have in your list are smart you can't use those with the 27 channel board you need dumb (basic) RGB nodes, a there is a good wiki by DIY christmas http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com/wiki/index.php?title=Different_Styles_of_Pixels This should help you chose your RGB nodes make sure to find were it says dumb or basic, make sure your not looking at pixels they will not work with the 27 channel board! A plus to basic or dumb RGB is that there cheaper from about $10 - $20 for a string strips are a bit more $$money$$ this wiki gives a list of different types of RGB solutions from different vendors such as aliexpress, another helpful thing to read is The AusChristmasLighting 101 manual it covers a LOT of types of controllers, basic RGB, pixels, and software heres a link for the pdf file http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,1889.0.html so these links should help. As for a software upgrade you should upgrade to the Advanced version of LOR if you don't have it already. Now for a DMX dongle that is what you need to control your dmx board I recommend the Enttec USB DMX PRO it is $170.00 heres a link for that https://www.enttec.com/?main_menu=Products&pn=70304 I do NOT recommend the Enttec open because your computer will have to do all the timing and your sequences may look off time to the music.


For help setting it all up I would look at these videos:


 Video 1 


 Video 2 


Tutorial on making 27 channel board arches:




Hope this info helps if you need any more help or have questions send me a message.  :)

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