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When should you use more than 1 LOR Network?


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I have been playing around with the beta with 2 USB485 adapters and have it working pretty good using two different LOR networks.

At how many channels does the LOR network get overloaded and you should start a 2nd LOR network? This year I will be running 192 Channels and was wondering if it was worth it to split it up on 2 different LOR networks having 96 channels on each one.

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The answer is not simple. The need to split is determined by the number of channels and the show.

We have people with 600 channels and rather fast sequences running on a wireless network. One network is fine for them BUT they are on the edge. We have people with 1200 channel displays and they need the additional networks...

The multi networks will come in handy in a few cases.

1 - large displays with 1000+ channels. Or smaller displays 200+ channels with lots of 1/100th second timings in them.

2 - displays with 200+ channels that have significant input (interactive) action.

3 - Wireless can only run at 56k while hardwired can run twice that fast. So with wireless you will need to move to multiple networks sooner.


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