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Losr Multi-Color when using Channel Wizard


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I have a minitree prop with 4 bundles. I created one and then cut and pasted the remaining 27 (28 mini trees).

The minis are mutlicolor and use the "Special Type" of Muti with 5 colors.

I ran the rename command and all was good.


I ran the channel wizard and selected Normal - New and 1 repeating channel

I use LOR and Legacy 16 for the unit type

On step 5 I select to use the same channel on every fixture in the prop.


It works perfectly .. EXCEPT .. I lose the "Special Type" and all the bundles end up red.....


Am I missing a step or is there not a way to keep or set the special type in the channel wizard?


28 trees x 4 bundles per tree = 112 fictures to have to manually fix ... (bummer) ..


any comments, help or suggestions?


Thank you all ...




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