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SuperStar timings and text scroll questions


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This will be my second year of sequencing.

I have S3 Advanced and now SuperStar 24 channels


I would like to use my sequences from last year and add 12 pixel strings to my 15 sequences. The problem I have with SuperStar is it uses a default timing of .05 and last year I spent many hours sequencing those 15 songs at .03. 

Is there a way of changing the timing in SuperStar from .05 to .03. So that I may import to my older sequences.


Also I have been toying with the scrolling text. Is there a way to slow the speed down as the words flashes by way to fast. i have tried modifying the length of the word with SS however its still too fast. I thought maybe once it was working over the 5mtr lights it would become easier to read, however it look harder to read. Maybe I should stop scrolling and just have words flash to the beat etc.


I have read and watched videos until my eyes bleed over and over again lol. Maybe because SuperStar is so  new to me I missed something. So I,m sorry if this has been asked before


Your help is appreciated.




It would be helpful if people could be more accurate in the topic title as to what the post is about as this would save lots of time reading posts that don't apply to the answer I'm looking for.

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The "timing grid" in SuperStar is fixed at .05 seconds. If you use copy/paste to get the CCR sequence into your main sequence the timing grid will not matter so long as you have "Paste by Time" selected as the Paste option in the Sequence Editor. The Paste options are in a menu that flies out from the upper left side of the screen in the Sequence Editor. "Paste by Time" is not the default setting in the Sequence Editor, but once you set it that way it will stay set that way.


You are correct, SuperStar is a whole new approach to sequencing and it takes some getting used to. But it truly is easier. As for slowing down the scrolling text, lengthen the start-end time that the text action covers. The longer the time span, the slower the text will scroll. For text that is several words long, you will want the time span to be at least 8 seconds. Note that to select a time on the time ruler that is longer than 8 seconds you need to mark the start time with a left click on the ruler, scroll right, then mark the end time with a right moust click.


Scrolling text will also look better if you use Red text. Another option is to change the scroll direction to up, or down, and use the "Stop at Edge" checkbox. This will make the take scroll from the top or bottom and stop at the edge. It gives some movement to the text, but since it sits still after hitting the edge it is easy to read.

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Thanks for the fast reply Brian.

I will give both of those ideas a try tonight.

I have enjoyed playing with the SuperStar features.



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