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On the advice of Brian, I am setting up all of my elements (LOR, Node and Pixel - LOR & DMX) in a single visualizer page.


I was using the Visualizer tree wizard to set up my megatree. The megatree consists of 8 3-color strings (Reg/Green/Amber). Each of the 3 color strings are twisted together into a single "mega-string" . The whole setup is 24 channels. Well when I set it up (quite by accident), I didnt create 24 seperate strings. I created 8 strings that each are assigned 3 channels (one for each color). Since each bundle had each color and where each assigned a seperate channel, I thought I had it ready to go... UNTIL ... I imported the visualzation into SS !!!


I came up with only 8 active programming blocks!! HUH? Where are the 3 strings of color? I played with it for a few minutes and then it hit me ...

Make the string red and poof ... only the reds in each string appear

make the color green and poof .. only the greens appear ...

Okay .. I see whats happening .. Although I didnt program it to be an RGB string, thats what its acting like ...


It actually works REALY well. The only drawback at this point with this configuration is that if I want the reds and the greens to come on I have to either:


1. set the main Start/End and the Tail Start/End colors


2. Create a couple of morphs with different colors in the same time frame.


You can also perform fades by leaving the tail end without a color assignment.


I'm not sure how effecient this is.. I'm not sure that 24 seperate strings wouldnt be easier to program .. but .. all in all .. its really pretty cool ..


I just thought I would pass this along to others that are diving deeper in to Visualizer and SuperStar with something other than pixels ...





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Yes, it takes some getting used to, but SuperStar makes it easier to sequence all your lights, especially bundles of lights that are commonly in mega-trees can be handled sort of like RGB lights. By the way, if you want to do a morph using both your green and red lights, make a morph and turn green and red on and it will do it. The only strange thing is that the color of the morph will be yellow, but just realize that yellow is composed of green and red and that yellow morphs are going to turn on your red and green light strings. Or as you mention, you can do a red morph and a green morph on top of each other, the results will be the same either way.


Coincidentially, I just uploaded two videos on creating and sequencing a visualization.


Creating a Visualization



Importing and Sequencing a Visualization


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Thanks for the videos. They really where interesting. I've only used it with my pixel mega tree. Now I see me using SuperStar in more ways than I thought. This maybe old news to some, but new to me.  

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Brian, I didn't bring it up in the original post but yes, I did see the relationship of using the color yellow, for instance, to turn on red and green.

I was curious to see if this was a best practice to approach it like this or better to create the 24 strings


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Either way works. For example, you can spin the red, green, blue, and white strings with one morph, or you can do it with a red morph, a green morph , a blue morph and a white morph all on top of each other. Doing it as four morphs on top of each other might make it more clear as to what is going on.

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Once again, thank you for the help. I need to create a " Thank You" macro for this thing. Lol


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