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I was gonna make a Christmas T-shirt, but...

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I was getting ready to make a T-shirt for my Christmas display, but then a question from my son seems to have preempted it.  I think it's a much better slogan than anything I could come up with.  Gosh, this is why I had kids, for the entertainment factor.  Here's his question:

"So, if a fly lands on dog poop, why can't we smell his feet when he goes buzzing by???"



Does that not just scream a tacky T-shirt with a picture of a curled up dead fly on it.


I don't know how I can concentrate on a Christmas-y theme now.  So what's the best question you've been asked by a little one?




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My son, who now is in 3rd grade,  a couple of years ago when he was in first grade asked me," When it was going to be naked day at school?" They had been dressing up a different theme everyday that week at school.  After I wiped the surprised look off my face and stopped laughing :o  :D ,  I told him that isn't until you get to college!! :lol:

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WARNING rated R!  


My 3 year old grandson was unwrapping a piece of chocolate and remarked, "This will make me big and strong." Not willing to let a teachable moment go by, I said, "No, THAT will make you big and fat. THIS will make you big and strong." I held out the yogurt I was about to enjoy, and proffering a spoonful said, "THIS will make your bones strong." Another spoonful, "THIS will make your muscles grow."


To which he matter-of-factly replied, "Yogurt makes your vagina hurt."


After explaining that he was a boy and didn't have one of those, I went on to explain that his statement, wherever he got it, was incorrect.


Moving right along....

What just happened to my font!?  Apologies to those who need reading glasses!

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