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Merging .lee files externally

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In extending my question from a previous post about programming best practices I'm investigating Brians suggestion about creating all the display in Visualizer and importing to SS.


However, I have to ask.

Since both my pixel based elements are already created in SuperStar, is it possible to merge two .lee files externally?

My Merry Christmas sign and the Candy Canes are already created and as it turns out, I didnt create a prop or fixture from them so i would have start completly over to get them in the same file.


I have a feeling I know the answer. I'm sure it could be done but the cleanup would be about as bad as creating them over...


Any thoughts, ideas or comments?




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Each one of your letters in the Merry Christmas sign is a prop. It would be nice to be able to add all the props to another prop, but unfortunately the Visualizer does not allow props within a prop. So you would have to export each one of your letters and then import them and move each letter to where you want it.


The other alternative as you mention, is to sequence each piece and merge them. Currently I do not have a merge utility, so you have to open each piece in the Sequence Editor and use Copy/Paste to combine them. That is a pain also. And it is also hard to coordinate each piece if you are sequencing each piece separately.


Myself, I would go to the trouble to piece together a visualization of the entire display. I like being able to play back the sequence as I add some effects to see how it all looks.

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It does make it really nice for the developer to have your files on hand! Lol

I did figure out that I only needed one candy cane as a prop. It can be added multiple times and then addressed individually. You are spot on about the sign. I wish I had created it as is as a single prop, but placing the letters as props isn't a deal breaker.

Okay then, looks like a few long nights of set up. I need to calculate total channel count so I can figure out the SS upgrade needed.

Thanks again Brian for all the help!


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The way you created the sign with each letter as a prop is probably best. If you made the whole sign as one prop, then SuperStar would not be able to see where each letter ends, that is how it knows where to put the little yellow lines in the sequencing grid.


So you are probably doing it the best way possible, what would make it easier is if the Visualizer supported props within a prop, but it doesn't.

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