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Order of Precedence


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I could almost swear I have asked this question before but .. well I have slept and done other things since...


In the attached screenshot, is it possible to change the order of the grid?


The first vertical column is the "C" in CHRISTMAS.


I "THINK" I would like to have the columns in order of the sign MERRY first then CHRISTMAS.


I say I think because there may be a logical reason to approach programming this sign as its shown. However.. I don't see it right off..



Thanks for the help




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Do the following:


1) Click on File menu, select "Import Visualization"

2) Set the Sequencing Grid "Max Length" to 139

3) Set "Horizontal"

4) Click on Ok


You should then get two sequencing rows, the top row will contain the letters for "Merry" and the bottom row will contain the letters for "Christmas"

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THANK YOU very much !!..

That did the trick .. now if you have a moment could you explain how/why that worked?


Is the max length the length of the longest component (CHRISTMAS) and of course setting them horizontal is self explanatory ...


I cant tell you enough how much I appreciate your continued support of this product.



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The largest number you can put into "Max Length" is 200. I knew I wanted to fit as much on a line as possible, so I set it to 200 and fortunately that was enough for each row of letters to have its own sequencing row. I then saw that the second line was using 139 of the 200 squares, so I imported with Max Length of 139 so that the green squares in the sequencing row would be as big as possible.


I am glad to give what support I can. Some of these things are not obvious and it requires some support!

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