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16 Channel LOR

Jeff A. Galbreath

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What board are you using. Some boards are rated at 15 amps per side (chanels 1 -8 and 9-16), others are rated at 20 amps per side. Also, I believe you can not have more than 8 amps total per board. Most mini lights are somewhere around .35 amps so I think you will be fine.

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Guest wbottomley

Jeff A. Galbreath wrote:

LOR 160 2w

.30 amps Target Brand Lights

When the 1602W's are shipped, they come setup for 15 amps per side. Now the max per channel is 8 amps. So if you were running 6 amps per channel, you would blow a fuse just on the third channel.

On my controllers, I'm running somewhere between 0 and 3 amps (max) per channel.

Look at the tag on the end of the lights. It should have the amperage rating there. I know the average is .33 amps per 100ct. If you multiply .33 by 30, that gives 9.9 amps per controller. Divide that by 2 and you're using nearly 5 amps per side (1-8 & 9-16). I would say that is safe as safe can be.
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