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recommended LOR starter items for mini trees?


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I have done outside lights for the last few years and try to add something new each year. So, I want to get started doing a light show, but I do not have the time to build a system from scratch, and the LOR components seemed like they might fit the bill for a newbie like me. I plan to do 6 mini trees this year. Each mini tree will have a single strand of 200 C3 white LEDs (120V, 0.1A, 12W) to start. I'd like to find some reasonably priced colored strands to overlay to add variety, so I'd like to be able to build in some flexibility for expansion. I saw the mad grab sale is on LOR tonight and wanted to take advantage of the sale since I'm sure the initial investment could add up quickly. I have a laptop, so I don't need components that have that aspect built-in. The only difference I can tell between the 1600 and the 1602 is total Amps, but still not sure which to go with. Guessing I need one of those. I think I need a generic starter package with the software and the misc components that they suggest, that I don't think are part of the sale. What else do I need to get so that I can go ahead and get everything I need in one shipment? Can someone please tell me what all I would need to get started?

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Baically, you are going to need:



USB Adapter



If you are doing a residential show I would recommend the PC Series.  They will cost you less and have the same capability as the 1600 series.



The software will depend on how many controllers you want to run, and if you want DMX.  You can always buy a lower version now and upgrade later.


The USB adapter is



or a better version



Good Luck and have fun!!



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My calendar says that today is the 31st of March. I believe the say is on for the 1st of April. Scott has given you some excellent help. I like

Scott will suggest that you go with the PC series controllers. Much cheaper and if you plan to dedicate a PC to run the show. If you can not free up a PC to run the show, then you might need to look at getting one of the show directors. I have not gone this route, so you will need to talk to someone else for more detailed info.

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Welcome to the forum!


My suggestion is to get the advanced level of the software right in the beginning.  That gives you access to all the software's features, some of which (like the beat Wizard) will significantly aid and enhance your overall sequencing experience a great deal.

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You will need a couple fast hands to get anything from the spring sale. :lol:


But other than that, items the others mentioned is what you want.

And keep in mind, a summer sale usually takes place later in the year which gives plenty of time to shop without fighting 5 minutes for that lower price.

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Rmember that you'll need some CAT 5 cable (or telephone cable) to connect your controller to the USB adapter, and extension cords when you're ready to start setting things up in earnest.



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You might also want to checkout our HolidayCoro HexaTree which will work perfectly with your LOR software/hardware (mini lights / C7 / C9 / RGB Lights):






Here is a video of them in action:



Also, there are smaller versions here:



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