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RGB Configurator spreadsheet


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I have built a spreadsheet for myself to compare the different ways to build up an rgb display. I did this so I could compare prices and observe how prices have step functions. If you are using a board that can drive 12 strings and you want to have 14 strings, now you need two boards.



you can find the OpenOffice and Excel spreadsheets on the releases page.


Try it out. Try string counts of 8,12,16,20,32 .etc.


I would ask that this not turn into a war about which controller is better. I am unbiased. I just wanted to compare data. I am using Pixelnet now, my next expansion may be to j1sys p12r or e682.


Some notes:

I tried to use the prices posted on pages. I have not used most of what i put here, please post corrections to things i got wrong.


I am not trying to compare features. That is probably another exercise. For example


Pixelnet Active hubs: only drive 180x strings

Pixelnet Zeus hub: 180x and ws2811

dpitts/mykroft board: 180x and ws2811

p12r: WS2801, LPD6803, and TM180x 

e682: GE pixels, 1804, 1903, 2801, 2811 , 3001, 3005, 6803, 8806 , 9813


So by the number of pixel types e682 is the champ. But I own 1809 strings so i dont need the extra types. 



Pixelnet Active hubs: drives 16 strings

Pixelnet Zeus hub: drives 16 strings

dpitts/mykroft board: drives 16 strings

p12r: drives 12 strings

e682: drives 16 strings.


But the p12r can have the most pixels.


This is what i mean about comparing features. The spreadsheet was only meant to get an idea of the cost of the different choices.


I assumed all strings would be mounted on 1/2" 10' emt like i did for my megatree. Since they are the same for all 5 choices they dont effect the price. It does remind people you have to budget for mounting your rgb device.

Likewise i used a marine battery case for mounting power supplies and boards for all 5.


I couldnt find Ray Wu's link to the 12v ws2811. Can someone post it?

I didnt see a price for the p12r as a kit. so 4 of the 5 are kits and the p12r is a completely assembled board. Probably adds $70 as compared to the other 4.


What this spreadsheet shows me is 

the largest cost are the strings

the cost takes some big steps when you cross the boundary requiring a new board



hope it is helpful.





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posted version 3 of spreadsheet


This has updated price for ws2811 12v flex strips and updated links

corrected two places where the sum was missing the first line.
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I can add it, i think it is $250 to drive 50 nodes of a CCR. or $5 per node. It comes with power supply , cables, interface , case is included?


Ill add it and someone can correct me if i get it wrong.



Version 4 uploaded that has LOR CCR on it as the 6th choice for doing RGB devices.




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