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Wave Form?


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This might be a wish list topic...


We all (or would assume all) use Audacity to get our audio to a constant bit rate, and tonight when I was converting a song, I decided I would play around with Audacity some more to see what it can do.


When playing around with it, I noticed when I zoom in on a particular time, the details of the audio on the wave form are amazing!  Just to test it, I did a "paulstretch" effect to a small area of the wave, imported it to LOR and then zoomed in to the same area, and I have to say the detail is just NOT there compared to the wave file out of Audacity.  I was thinking that sequencing in Audacity would take half the time if LOR had that kind of wav. detail!


Not being a computer genius (just an avid user), wouldn't this be possible to add into LOR's functionality?  I searched and didn't see anything of this request on any other post.  And not sure if this is the right place to request, but it seems like Dan reads these.  So fingers crossed!



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Visitors aren't going to notice THAT much detail in your lights,  A better waveform might be helpful, but I'm sure they're working on other ideas that would make more impact on sequencing better.

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I'll tell you what I use that detail for in Audicity

Let's say I have a song that has a really long intro.  If I want to delete part of the intro, I zoom in to select the starting or ending point.  I then delete what I do not want.

Another use is for voice overs or song merges.  I often record information about a song and then add it to the beginning of the song.  Zooming in gets me to the exact point to start the voice over.

And sometimes I have an intro for a song from a completely different song.  The two songs will show on different waves.  Then when I zoom I can align them to the exact point.  What is really neat is I can fade the intro when the main song is starting up.

Just some ideas for you on customizing the audio portion of your show.



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