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Interesting use for LOR - 4D Theatre


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 I'm sure its not the first, but just thought I would share.


I had a customer that had some deep pockets, and wanted to make his own 4D Theatre.

When he asked how it might all work to controll the FXs, LOR seemed Like the natural choice.


Contractors built a roughly 15x8 Black Box room with Tiered seating.


52 Inch LCD on the wall.

8 can style RGB LED lights on an Illuminarc controller (DMX)


For Vibration, we used 3 concrete vibrator motors (they came fitted with atandard AC cords, so they plug right into the controller)

These were attached the the underside of the frame for the seating.


A Solenoid valve was attached to building water supply, and some misting nozels were attached and droped from the ceiling - The valve is wired atraight into the controller as well.


A Squirl cage type blower motor suspended from the ceiling is used to wind


Then we got a bit crazy - The original plan called for a Cryojet, but due to liability that was replaced with a fact disipating fog unit.

Finally, a snow machine was also placed in the ceiling. Both Fog and snow have DMX controlls for volume and such.


Used an Enttec Pro for DMX interface to LOR.

Brought all the chanels into LOR, imported a video clip, and connected the second monitor output from the pc to the LCD TV.


Its really not bad, and with good FX use in a good video clip - it feels like a mini version of a Universal Studios ride.

I'll try and post some pics.


If you live around Atlanta its actually installed (believe it or not) in a childrens dental office as a kids 'attraction'

Funny, I never thought my Christmas light obsession would lead to this.


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For seat vibrations, I've used ButtKickers and an air solenoid for a homemade air cannon. Used confetti, but can be fired empty for a great noise effect. Put the air compressor way in back so no one could hear it and it would automatically refill after every shot.


The Buttkickers are normally used in a home theatre and attached to big audio amplifiers, like subwoofers for your butt.

I used them for drummers in a rock and roll band, where they want to 'feel' their kick drum. I think they just lost their hearing and don't have much sensory things left.


For dental offices (and others), there's plastic replacements for the 2x4 foot diffusers in the ceiling lights. Mundane, but affordable.


Looking forward to pictures or videos.

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