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I picked up some more LED lights today at my local farm store.  They had an add on string of Little Giant submersible pond lights out of the package in the clearance bin.  It's my third set of these that I've found in that bin.  Regularly they're $45 for a pair, but I got them for $7.95.  What a steal!  They're 4 volt DC with a single 2 Watt LED in each housing.  I'm thinking of using them for spots under my eves facing the audience.  Most people will be 30-50 feet from the spots.  Do you guys think 2 watts is bright enough?  There will be six of them spaced out around the eve.  They seem crazy bright for just a single LED.  I want them to be enjoyed, but still want my audience to be able to see the rest of the show after a pulse of those LEDs.  I was also going to hook them up to a DC board to have control over each individual light.  Figured that would allow me to add some neat effects.





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Your scenario is the same as mine. It sort of depends on how the led is used. I have a wide variety of leds at my disposal. I just got some really bright leds, but they a very small point of light. If I use them as is, they aren't going to make the impact I want. If you use a reflector or lens, it will focus the light forward and the light source will appear much larger and make a better mpact. I use 10W leds for this purpose without a lens or reflector and works well. Three together in a cluster is awesome for a center of a burst.


My guess is the 2w ones aren't going to make the impact you want. Hook one up to a battery pack and have someone hold it in place for you. Also have some other lights on as well to create some light pollution to see how well your spots stand out.


I'm considering using 20W ones this year. IF they are too bright(if there is such a thing B) ) I can always turn them down just a wee bit.

I should also add that I have a school yard across the street, so being bright is not a problem for me.

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