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2013 az mini interest


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Its late notice but if we can pull a 2013 az mini together this
is the interest thread to do it in.


I’m offering up my home as a possible location (https://maps.google.com/maps?q=prescott+valley+az)
but we are totally willing to relocate if someone in the greater PHX area is
willing to host.

I’d like to get everyone’s % likely hood of being able to
make it on ‘4-20-13’ or ‘5-18-13’. Something like:

‘gigogig %99 on both dates’

Also we will need some volunteers to do presentations so please
also express anything your willing to teach, and anything you’re looking to learn.
Something like:

‘Gigogig %99 on both dates

Will to teach intro to being awesome

Would like to learn how to use e1.31’

I’m hoping to make this like the successful 2012 mini, a
mini geared toward presentations for both the novice and experienced.

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After a small
communication error, the Slades have graciously offered their phoenix home again
on April 20. So with the location and date set, now we can put together an

Anyone willing and
able to present please post, we are hoping to have a good framework by 3-22-13.

We are moving forward,
fast for 4-20-13

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If it is anything like last year, this will be a fantastic mini to attend.  I certainly hope I can be there again.

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May 18th could work, April 20th would not work.


The only way I could swing it is if I can ride with someone else (hint Joe).


If I attend, I could likely give a presentation on E1.31 using SanDevices E682 cards.

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