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Nutcracker 3.0.4 released. Two new effects Tree and Spirograph


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I have implemented two new effects: Tree and Spirograph.






Both of these effects are not completed. I am looking to find some more people who might want to help develop effects for Nutcracker 3.0. If you know C++ and would like to help PM me.



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Hi Sean

I've been using nutcracker 3.03 and thank you it's a fantastic bit if software is there a way I can just update my current version or do I have to download from the new link

Also when I make my matrix with 16 strips of ws2811 the text is back to front is this something I'm doing wrong ???

I'm using a e682 with rays ws2811 strips if that makes any difference

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I have not made a "check for latest update" button, you need to go to the releases web site.

Can you include your target model answers?

Alos if your sequence is called test, can you attach test.xseq and test.xml?

The hardware should not matter. Lynx, j1sys and e683 were all used last year.

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