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Tutorial Tonight, Nutcracker 3.0 and how to use it.


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What: Nutcracker Tutorial:

When: Thursday, Feb 28th. 7pm MST (Denver Time) 



Will discuss Nutcracker 3.0

Will export to various sequencers

Will talk about gaps that will soon be filled




See you  on BigBlue Button conference.


 follow these steps:

select cracker in the "Join a meeting"


enter your name, no password is needed


i will open conference at 6:45pm MST, tutorial will start 7:00pm MST


we will also be using http://joinme.com so that you can see my full resolution screen.

I will give out the 9 digit code when we start.


This will be recorded and be available 1-2 hours after the close of the session.


Tutorials are found on the releases page



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Can you provide a place to download this video. I was in the class last night and thanks for such a great program. My down load speeds are not that good at home so I like to save them on the hard drive and review when the time comes.




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Jeff, if you have a Vimeo account and are Logged In while viewing, there is a Download button at the bottom of the window.

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