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Nutcracker 3.0 Released


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I am now releasing Nutcracker 3.0. 


Nutcracker 1.0 was released Feb 2012.

Nutcracker 2.0 was released summer of 2012. It included local installs , more effects and projects.

Nutcracker 3.0 is being released Feb 2013. 


Nutcracker 3.0 is the complete rewrite of Nutcracker 2.0 into C++. Nutcracker is now merged with Matt Brown's xLights. Matt Brown took on this conversion project last DEcember. xLights version 2012e merged with Nutcracker. I am calling this new version Nutcracker 3.0.0. 


Why the rewrite?

Answer: I wanted Nutcracker to be more interactive and faster. C++ allows the easier implementation of things like movies and other hardware specific features/.


Answer: I wanted to make the installation of Nutcracker easier. With the release of Nutcracker 3.0, you will no longer need XAMPP or WAMP. This will save 1 gbyte of disk space from your local drive.


Answer: I wanted the generation of effects to be quicker. For example old Snowstorm effect generation 400 seconds, new Nutcracker 3.0 time = 10 secs.



What is different?

Answer: The user interface is entirely different. Hopefully you will find it easier to use.

Answer: We dont have projects yet in Nutcracker 3.0.


What is the same?

Answer: All the effects have the same prompts. The concept of create an effect before you pick the sequencer is the name. Exporting for your sequencer is the same.

Answer: Same target models, megatrees, matrixes.


Where is new code?

This web page also shows the current differences between Nutcracker 2 and Nutcracker 3


I will be talking about this new release in this weeks Tutorial, Thursday Feb 28th at 7pm MST. I will create a vimeo video introduction.


For those developers who might want to see the source code, https://github.com/smeighan/nutcracker_c




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I have written an beginners tutorial on setting up xLights/Nutcracker. This process will get you to an exported file for whatever sequencer you are using




Now the tutorials i made a few months ago would make sense.


xLights and Nutcracker introduction:                                    https://vimeo.com/57960516

Creating a text effect:                                                        https://vimeo.com/57960775

Creating two Nuctracker effects and layering between them: https://vimeo.com/57961300

Exporting a xLights/Nutcracker sequence into LOR lms:         https://vimeo.com/57960884





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I just tried it for the first time. Easy to use following the tutorial, and in a word: Brilliant. 

Thank you Sean for all you do..

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Nice, I'll get my update when I get home from work...the slowness of creating the effects was my biggest concern, so I'm looking forward to it, thank you for the hardwork!

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Downloaded last night, what a dream to come true on how simple to operate.


Thanks Sean for all the work you have put in this for us to have.


How I just got to get the trees done



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