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spt-1 wire and vampire plugs.


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If you don't mind using black wire, the link below is the best deal I found. No UV protection but it's not our for very long once a year.








Home depot part number 14-330 and 14-331 have basically doubled in price. They shipped 100 each last year now the same part number only yields 50 pieces. 1/2 as many for the same price.


Best deal I found on vampire plugs was at the christmas light emporium below.





I recently bought 100 each at .48 each plus shipping (that's 1/2 the depot price).

I see they have raised their price to .53 and declared the plugs a best seller.



Just wanted to share that info.


Anyone know an inexpensive source for LED light strings. I would like to be around .10 per buld for 5mm lights.




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I have a place better on plugs I will post the link when I get home and for wire I have found that once you add shipping its better to buy locally

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When I use NON UV wire I will just use a small garden tool {trowel} and create a small channel and bury the cable about 4-6" underground.  If there are any plugs, they are kept up off the ground using a couple of green ground Christmas light stakes.    Been doing this for years with NON UV wiring and have had no issues, but I do keep the electrical connections above and off the ground as much as possible.  That is if I have to use two short cables because I ran out of wire long enough to make a single run.


And I usually buy my wire locally at SkyCraft Surplus.

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