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Need Help on Sequencing 16 channel Mega Tree


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Hello Everyone

This was my first year and i only had one 16 channel box...I have just got a second box . And like alot of people said on here i need to do more yard stuff and i plan on using 32 Strands on 100 GE Led Light Sets to do a Mega Tree or Spiral Tree . I have been messing around in Sequencing for mega verses Spiral and i just cant seen to get it right it just does not look good and i was wondering does anyone have any partial Spiral Tree or Mega tree sequences that i can use for a test and mostly learn from? I was thinking 2 light sets per channel...I really want to do a spiral tree verses Mega tree i have built a PVC tree frame 15 feet High. From looking at what someone did on here and showed me how to do it instead of using 8 poles going up i used 12 poles going up because it looks more rounded verses 8 poles.. If i do a spiral which i prefer because they look somuch better in my view from what i have scene on here... So if any one can help me here i would really love it because with what i have tried does not look good....Thankyou


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