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Pixels VS Incans


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Well, had a deal fall through today after a few weeks of hoping.  But I am really wondering if the benefits of "Free" incans from a friend would have been worth it.  To my best calculation if I had all the Incans I would have received in an "All On," status, it would have consumed 178 amps for just them, not including the rest of the display.  So I would have been looking at a massive electrical upgrade. Ten new 20 amp breakers, (I only had room for six) a new run from the street, a panel, 10 new GFCI's and 84 new extension cords.  Adding that to six new controllers I would also have had to add, I would have been looking at probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 at a minimum. 


Now I'm realizing that in reality, it might be cheaper to just go with both dumb and smart pixels. I Would only need one or two new circuits that I could run myself.  I wouldn't need all of the 84 extension cords, I wouldn't need a new panel, and wouldn't need to worry about a massive electrical bill.  The only drawback with DMX, is the learning curve and figuring out the DIY portion.  I also think that I could get a lot for $2,000.


Anyone have thoughts or feed back on my revelation?




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