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Mega Tree Army Poles


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I ran across a great deal on surplus Army Fiberglass poles. They are 4 feet long with about a 4" post and sleeve arrangement to connect them together.


As anyone tried to use these as a Mega Tree Center Pole?  I know they are used for all kinds of things in the service.  Wonder how they work for this. Strength and Load stats are hard to come by so far.


Thank You,

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My guess is that they would not be strong enouth. they generally need quite a bit of Guy Wires and don't hold up much weight. but here is a manual for one of the systems that use that. 


Maybe you will find the info your looking for.

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Being in the military for 26 years, I have seen these in use.

They will work for that purpose but also depends on height and how much weight you plan to put on them.

And you only need the same amount of guy wires as with stand mega trees. 4 of them generally for a 20 or so feet.

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