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How many DMX universes will a Enttec Pro support ?

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I am just starting to add DMX to my display and I want to have the ability to expand in the future. So I want to set it up right the first time. If the Enttec Pro is not a good option, I am open to ideas.

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What are you adding to the display that is DMX?   There are many ways to add elements to a show.   Fill us in what your trying to add.

Right now 5 Rainbow floods and a rainbow brain. In the years to come, I want to start replacing all my LED strings with smart and dumb pixels. This will be about 40-50 different elements or strings.

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A pixel controller will run your smart strings. Some have Dmx outputs that will run the floods so you don't even need the Enttec. Just E1.31 from Lor.

Got the dumb strings you might be better off running a DC controller.

Now the fun begins!


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