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Using 2 different visualizer files and doing 1 sequence

Ron Boyd

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Brian, this one is for you, but if anyone else has tried this, please feel free to chime in. 


First off, I have 2 different visualizer files, one for a 12 string Superstar tree and another for 8 strings (4 CCPs) in various configurations.


Is it possible to create a sequence with one .lee file, save it, import the other .lee file and sequence it in the same .sup file. I am assuming, that the program will not do this. 


If not this way, can I sequence one .lee file, save it as, say, Frosty_A.sup and then export it. After that, use the same .sup file and sequence the second set of pixels, delete the first set when done and save as, say, "Frosty_B.sup". Export that .sup file and then paste both into the .lms file.


This would accomplish 3 things and thus, the reason for my insanity,


  1. both files would be perfectly synced,
  2. the colors would match,
  3. there would not be a 20x50 grid to try to keep up with.

Just a passing thought.


Any ideas?

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I'm not sure I follow exactly what you mean, but realize that the .sup sequence is applied to the sequencing grid, and then the sequencing grid is applied to the visualization. For example, if you load one of my purchased sequences and then import a visualization, the effects for the sequence will be unchanged and you can still play them to the visualization. You can play it even if the new sequencing grid is smaller, it will just ignore the parts of the effects that don't fit onto the new grid. And if your imported visualization has 12 or more CCRs, then you will see the purchased sequence on your grid of CCRs in the visualization.


Back to your original question, you can definitely sequence in pieces and then combine them at copy/paste time.

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Yeah I confused myself when I typed it.

I'm wanting to leave the first created sequence in the sequencing rows, import a new .lee file and sequence the second set of pixels below the first set so the timings match up.

Does that make sense? It sounds easier to understand to me at least. It hard to explain what I'm trying to accomplish

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If I understand correclty, the only way you could do what you are saying is if the second .lee also has all the elements in it that are in the first .lee file so that the things you are going to sequence are in sequencing rows that are above the things in the first .lee file.


The point being that there is nothing in superStar that allows you to move all the effects in a sequence "en-mass" to new sequencing rows.


And are you saying you want to do this so that you only have to deal with a certain number of sequencing rows at a time?

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This is what I accomplished:

  • Song: Sugar Plum Fairy-Remix…cut down to about
  1. Sequenced CCP and Rainbow Pixel Props as a
    vis.sup file.
  1. Saved and exported to a .lms file.

Came back to Superstar,  (I left the first sequence intact),

  • imported the Superstar Tree visualizer file.

With the original sequence still in the top sequencing rows, I modified
each effect I wanted to use to fit the SS Tree and deleted the rest of the
effects that was  not needed.

  • Saved that file with a different name, and exported
    the new file. I had 2 sup.lms files.
  1. I then opened the main sequence, and copied and
    pasted the 2 exported files into the LOR SE.

Worked like a charm. I guess I should have tried my idea first before consulting you. I would have saved both of us some confusion.

As always, thanks for your help,



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