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GoPro HERO3 HD Camera ?


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I have used the GoPro Hero 3 this year - overall it did great, the colors are a lot more vibrant. It took a bit to get used to and figure out the settings, then it worked fine. I still mounted it to a tripod for most of the video. On the images - they turned out OK however there was more noise due to the low light than I expected for a camera advertised for low light condition.

You can check my videos at http://www.youtube.com/sandfvienna and images on http://www.facebook.com/viennaxmas - some of the images are actually taken with a Nikon...

One thing to keep in mind: the GoPro does not have a zoom and is fixed lens / fixed focus...

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Interesting - what was the helicopter platform you used to carry the camera ? The stability looked very good.

It is a DJI Phantom quadcopter - the stability is thanks to a built in flight controller and almost no wind the day I filmed. On the "all lights on" video, Youtube offered to remove some "shaking" - I now did also find software to do it locally. The "all lights on" video was teh only one which "was fixed in post-production" all the other ones are as they came off the camera.


Just trying to fit in another hoppy for the few days every year not thinking about LOR and the next display :D

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