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Superstar with led

David Spangler

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I finally broke down and bought a controller and software, looking to get more at the sale but couldn't wait. I also bought the Superstar add on. I'm not using the rgb/dmx cosmic stuff yet just plain leds. My question is if anybody uses the superstar add on with regular led lights? I got it just to try the instant sequencer and it works great with plain lights. I did a sequence in about 5 minutes where using just the regular sequencer I,ve been working on on for a couple of weeks now and still not done. The one I did I looked at it on the visualizer and it didn't look bad. This may sound stupid to some but I only started messing with LOR this year right after Christmas.

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I use it with the regular LED lights in my display. There are a fair number of people using SuperStar for their regular lights even though they don't have any Cosmic Color Divices. Most are using the Instant Sequence feature as you are.

You can also use scenes and morphs on your regular lights and create a sequence manually. It goes faster because you can play it back and easily see what it looks like. Also, you can click on the lights as well as the sequencing grid so it is easier to see which channel is which light.

If you have not done manually sequencing before, there are video tutorials on scenes and morhps. Go to the lightorama main page, click on support, then click on video tutorials. The SuperStar tutorials are at the bottom

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