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Question on copy and paste


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Hi Everyone

I was just wondering Is there a way to copy certian channels from one Sequence and put it onto another sequence? If so how can i do that? Thankyou Rick

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As long as one of them is not a locked sequence (from a demo version) you should be able to have 2 sequences open in the sequence editor and copy/paste between them.

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Here is a faster way to copy cells.

1. Select the first cell in the number of rows you want to copy, ie 8 rows.

2. Now go to EDIT/SELECT/ROWS, this will select the entire 8 rows without doing a move to the end of the sequence.

3. Now do a EDIT/COPY, this will copy the information in each cell.

4. If you need to copy the timing then also do a EDIT/COPY TIMING. Make sure you still have the entire row still selected.

5. Move to your new sequence and select the first cell you want to start the paste.

6. If you are adding the timing then do EDIT/PASTE TIMING a dialog box will come up and just click OK, your timing will be filled in.

7. Now to copy the light functions, make sure you have the first cell selected then do EDIT/PASTE and you are done.

Hope this is clear.

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