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Nutcracker: Bug, gallery images gone


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Well yesterday, while working to clean up disk space on nutcrackler123.com, i mistakenly deleted the 5 gigabytes of animated gifs.

So as of today, you will not see the animated gifs in the gallery.

This is the bad news

The good news is this will require me to finish the program that will recreate the gallery. This program will fix the missing gifs on nutcracker123.com AND it will allow all of you with a ;local install to finally get your own gallery.

It will probably take through this weekend to get code finished and a couple of days to recreate the images



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Gallery is back on nutcracker123.com


I will release the command that created the nearly 8000 images this week. People with local installs will finally get their own gallery.

 Doing some more testing.


Timing was not so bad, less than 18 hours to build them.



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