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RGB Spiral examples


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I thought I would make avaialable a couple of rgb spiral examples I made for testing my smart pixel tree. These were setup for 16 string, 20 pixel string tree and done with Xlites and NUTCRACKER (thanks to Shawn). Each is a 10 second example of a few different RGB pixel spirals that have been converted to LOR. The file is zipped down to just under 1 meg but is a 17 meg lms file.

there are three different tracks for the tree

1 is conventional track (string then pixel)

2 is ztree configeration (all 1st posstion pixels, 2nd possition pixels etc top to bottom)

3 is spriral tree configeration (1st string 1st possition, 2nd string 2nd possition etc. This way you can sequence in a straight vertical time time line an actually get a spriral)

Here is a dropbox link to the zip file. Hope it helps.

These were setup for universe 101 and 102 but you could copy to your sequense to match your settings.

Use ANY audio file you want as this is NOT sequenced to the music.

the dropbox link:

http://dl.dropbox.co...al examples.zip

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