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Mini incans for sale.. making space


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100 cnt new in a box.. not the cheap stuff from this year.. these are a few years old and been sitting on the shelf. I think they are made better.. but that is just me.

I have about 50 boxes left. ( I found more on the shelf) Sell in lots of 12 boxes min.

I also have some blue/white alternating 110cnt new in boxes... 24 boxes Sell in lots of 12 only.

Green 100cnt 15 boxes. Sell entire lot only.

multi 100 cnt 36 boxes. Sell in lots of 12 only

Anyway.. .$1.50 per box plus shipping..

I have 4 boxes of 450 cnt clear that are 3 x 150 cnt strings per box. $6.00 per box. Sell entire lot only.

If no takers here they will be on Ebay tomorrow or Tuesday.

I am not interested in selling a few boxes at a time unless I wind up with stragglers at the end.

PM me if interested.


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