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I have about 200ft of barbwire fence that divides my yard from the field next to it runs east from a north-south road, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Think about a way to allow yourself to show some "movement" on that feature. For example, I have a 150-ft length of 10' arbor vitae trees between my yard and my neighbor's. 20 trees total. I have each tree lit with about 400 lights. I can chase them from the front to back. Back to front. Middle to back and front. Etc. Gives me lots of options. And it's a very cool effect. The depth you get out of such a long "feature" is awesome. We get lots of positive feedback.

You might consider using the fence posts as individual props. Depending on how many rows of barbed wire, there are also a couple of different methods you might use to light the wire as well.

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