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I'm planning on building an arch/fan with pixels for my 2013 display. My only problem is i don't know anything about pixels. Below is a picture of what i have planned. If any one could help me in the right direction i would really appreciate it. My first intention was to use a CCR and 2 sets of CCBs but i'm not all the way sure those the best choices. Thanks in advance for all the help.


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If they are going to be 5' wide per arch this, http://store.winterlandinc.com/5-Leaping-Arch-Frame--No-lights-_p_6761.html makes the arches nice and symmetrical. I will be using 4 of these this year for my arches.

The only problem I see, is the CCBs have a 6" spacing. To get those on the arms of the fan without cutting the CCB string (void warranty) may be an obstacle.

The arch frames above are roughly about 105" from edge to edge A CCR should fit ok but may be a few inches off the ground, which is actually a good thing.

dougd, on this forum, did some fans using pixels. You may want to hit him up for some info.

Good plan though. I like it.


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Made these out of dumb strips cut into pieces for each segment. (6 foot across, 8 fan segments, 9 arch segments, 51 DMX channels each)

sorry can't post pic as I am limited to 17k (what is with that?)

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