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Pre-Sales / Sales by Outside Vendors


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At the request of Light-O-Rama, the following policy will be added to the forum rules later today.

Outside companies may not post sales or product announcements in the Light-O-Rama forums.

All current pre-sale threads have been removed from public view. If you have questions or comments regarding this new policy, please contact LOR.

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In recent years, we have received complaints from forums users that they had made purchases from vendors who posted sales/product announcements. Those forum users felt that because those vendors had been permitted to post in the forums that LOR was responsible for their losses / poor service, etc. In addition when we have removed posts advertising products that directly compete with LOR, we have received feedback from those vendors stating that we were not being impartial and were biased. Such activity is counter productive for us so we have decided to install a new policy/area/etc... which will allow for a better organization and hopefully a better experience for both LOR customers and the LOR staff.

While we work on the parameters of this new policy we will ask that vendors refrain from posting.

I apologize to my customers for any inconvenience that removing vendors advertising may cause you.

Best regards,


Light O Rama, Inc.

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