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MIIP Software, Thanks Bob


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Bob, just want to say one more time how much I enjoyed adding the MIIP software to my display this year. I had several comments about it on the facebook page on how much it was enjoyed by visitors also. The following is some feedback that I saw over the season.

One person really liked Faith Hill Where are you Christmas. They kept voting it up. It played every other song I believe 4 times in a row. I am sure other people watching the display got tired of it as I did. Maybe we can add a parameter about how often a song can play, not sure the best way to handle it, luckily it didn't happen often I hope.

Several people learned this trick if they wanted there song to play next if 2 people very voting at the same time. Vote the other persons song down. If a song has 1 up vote and 1 down vote, it goes to the bottom of the list. It would be nice if anytime a song gets an up vote, it stays towards the top of the list and not go all the way to the bottom.

I had several voting wars. One time it was a 3 way war, the winning numbers was something like 20 up votes, to 18 up votes to 15 up votes. I am sure the fastest connection won. This type of voting I am sure contributed to some of the server problems you had. Not sure if anyone else saw anything like that or not. Not sure if anything needs to bechanged about that.

Anyways, MIIP will always be apart of my display as long as you make it available to us. Thanks!

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Hey Doug Thanks for a the compliment and I am glad you and your guests enjoyed miip. Dont worry about the traffic, I think its all worked out.

For those who dont know what happened, the miip server got so many hits to the database that allotted capacity was exceeded and the site was shut down a few times. The limit was 75 thousand queries an hour. Since doug had 85 or so songs, each page view on his site was using over 250 queries. But other locations also had a lot of guests. After a few hiccups I managed to figure out how to trick my hosting company into allotting 1.5 million queries per hour by creating 20 users and spreading the traffic out among them instead of passing all through one connection string.

The month of December had over a half million page views. 6381 votes were cast to hear a song. One a funny note, each song that played had a link to Amazon where the guest could purchase the playing song. Last year they were paying a little bit so I 'earned' 9 cents in advertising fees. But I guess that was too much for Amazon. This year, the playing song page was shown 140,000 times, but I did not make a single sale so miip earned zero sales commission.

doug we can talk about tweaks to the way it works. Votes against do not make a song go to the bottom. When there is net zero votes (1 up / 1 down or same number on both) the song will play in played longest ago order. With a long song list like you had it may appear to go to the bottom if it played recently. At present, the only time a song cant be voted for is when its playing so it can not play back to back.

Here is my partial to do list for miip

Site functions...Allow miip client site owner to..

Vote up an announcement. IE let traffic pass. (vote wont be seen by guests)

Set limits on votes for a session.

Set limits on votes for a song for a session

Return better guest stats.

Turn off down votes.

Guests pages.

Fewer clicks per vote. Eliminate vote acknowledgement page.

Responder pages

Reduce number of queries per page.

Track number of queries per request and user.

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The Current MIIP Client will expire at the end of January. It will be offline during the summer while changes are being made. Target for new release will be end of August.

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