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PVC Lighted Tune In Fence


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There were so many good ideas on the forum that I wanted to throw my idea in the hat. I saw a posting where someone made a light post (Not for sure how it was) and I decided to put my little spin on it. I have not painted the posts yet with the red stripe or fully mounted in the C7 lights, but you will get the idea. I broke the larger globe, but I taped the broken one on the top to get the general idea. I am probably going to remake the sign to something like an oval or something because I think that would look nicer than a square.


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Looks good. Love the fence idea. My mistake the first year is that I only had one sign and even with contrasting colors, it was hard to read because the letters were too small. I added a second sign on the other end of the yard and used bigger letters, just plain ole black letters on a white background. You can see that one from 30+ feet away.

Also, I visited a display this year that the sign was lit up using M5 multi color strings. With the poor lighting and tiny letters they used it was almost impossible to make out even at about 10ft.

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It seems you can never have too many signs. It's truly amazing, maybe even astounding, how some people can miss them.

The first time I heard someone say something to the effect of: "Wow - the lights make a lot more sense when you can hear the music" I thought it was amusing. But by the hundredth time I heard something like that it wasn't amusing any longer. It was sad.

I've got lighted signs that are easy to read and stand out from all else on each end of the display, plus I run the frequency on my matrix during almost every voice-over. You tell me how someone can NOT be aware of it... but still it happens.

We can't account for everyone, especially when you consider that statistically speaking half of our viewers have IQ's under 100.

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I am hoping that putting my two signs in the front of everything and right next to the street they will see them, but I know what you mean about people not paying attention.

This will be the first year I will have a display, so I can only imagine the questions I will get. No one in my town has anything like lights set to music.

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