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RGB strips for dummies.


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check your PM. didnt know if it breaks some sort of rules of LOR if we post links to other forums. didnt want to be the rule breaker here that I am in real life. LOL

Happy New Year all...

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See: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/21785-few-questions-about-rgb/

and http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/15989-dream-color/

and there's lots of online videos on how everything works.

I use the LOR DC controller to control 5 long RGB strips and it works very well.

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The ACL 101 lighting manualis also a great starting point for info on RGB

Yes indeed! i'm venturing into RGB pixels and strips for 2013 and this manual

that I spent half my New Years day looking at, was actually sinking in, hangover and all.

Its very very well put together, great place to start.

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Once you read through all the info on the ACL 101 and the video's on HollidayCoro.com also some good info on www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com Invest in a starter kit from Holliday Coro. Thiis will give you a tast of DMX RBG dumb pixels. You will need a dongle and save your sanity invest in the ENTTEC Pro to start with (a couple of bucks) but well worth the headache and woNrks with every software (also helps offload some of the processing power).

once your in you will NEVER get out. Next big jumb is smart pixels and E1.31.

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Slow down jerry, lol. I haven't even started reading the other stuff. It'll have to wait till the weekend or my day off (Wednesday).

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